Monday, September 3, 2012

My Huge Acne Breakout

Hi again!!!! I have not written anything for half a year already! Sorry readers! I have been really busy with my pup and a lot of other things! I definitely will get back into blogging and try my best to help others! I'll share some recent pictures of Star (my pup) just for an update! He is sooo much bigger now!

Star is a cutie! But he has grown so much! Wish he was still small so I could actually carry him haha xD! He is still quite the babe magnet! Everyone stops to look at him :)! Anyway, let me start talking about the time in my life where I was the most depressed.

Okay, so it's been close to 3 years now since my horrible breakout. It was a really depressing time in my life that really changed me and my knowledge about skin. I didn't want to go out and let people see me like that and have the feeling that everyone is staring. I'll show you some pics of my face before the breakout and then after. 


I still didn't have the best skin since I didn't know how to take care of it well at that time. But I definitely was a lot more clear skinned than I was after the breakout. Here are the pictures.


I know these pics probably don't look like much, but I really didn't want to take pictures at that time, so I only have these. The last pic shows when the breakout first started and I had big acne cysts on my face. My acne breakout was the worst on the sides of my cheek and my forehead, but there was none on my nose! Sharing these pictures are pretty painful to me, even though I look very relaxed in the pictures, I actually really hated showing my face to the world at that time. I was still using Proactiv before this and it was doing very well for me. I was free of acne for about a year, but suddenly I broke out into this. I am pretty sure the biggest reason was my hygiene for my skin, skincare products and my diet. Now I know what is best for my skin and how to take care of it better :)

So after I started doing facials, changing my skincare regime around and taking care of my skin better, things really changed! My skin was getting a lot better. The facials showed the most progress, but I really needed to keep clearing my skin up with my skincare products and my diet. My skin is much better now (and it has been a while since the breakout), so definitely healing will take time, but don't lose hope!! Right now, even though I still suffer from the scars of this breakout, my skin feels a lot better than before the breakout even happened. My skin is a lot softer and smoother than before and my skin color has gotten brighter and whiter. My pores are more clear and I have a lot less acne now. I really wanted to create this blog to share my story and my thoughts on certain products to help skin like mine that have similar problems! I would really love to achieve beautiful skin one day and I hope you can too!! :)  Here are some of my recent pictures, so you can see the progress!

These pics are all from a few months ago, but the last one is from a bit longer ago. As you can see, my face has cleared up of a lot of scars, but still in the process of healing itself. I still don't have beautiful skin, but I'm working to achieving that and wanting to show my readers some progress :)! Thank you! I hope that if you have a similar problem to share it in the comment section! Thanks for reading! Until next time, see ya!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why Not Use Acne Products for Acne Skin?

Hello! It's been almost a month since I last blogged! Been real busy with my puppy! He's quite the handful!
                                      This is when I first brought him home!

 Okay, well, this is my first post about acne products! Let's get started!

So as you may already know, I had a huge breakout about 2 years ago and it was pretty horrible! I couldn't look myself in the mirror nor did I even want to go out and let the world see me :(! My self esteem was super low and I thought my acne products would help rid me of my severe acne breakout FAST! I was so wrong :(! I have to admit that before my severe breakout acne products like Proactiv worked for me! I thought it was the best thing ever! But when I had the breakout, it not only did not help, but it made my skin worse! After having that big breakout, I learned that if I wanted to help my skin's acne problem, I needed to start taking care of my skin with hydration! When your skin has the hydration it needs, it will not secrete excessive oil to compensate for the dryness of your skin. Excessive oil secretion from your skin is one of the reasons people have acne, but of course there are other reasons and factors too. When I was using Proactiv, it was doing wonders for my skin acne wise, but what I didn't realize until later was my skin was getting really dry! It got to the point where my skin would BURN once I applied the products. Many acne products in the market will dry up the pimples on your skin and help the pimple go away faster, but it really dries out the part of your skin that does not have acne also. Long run wise, I would definitely not recommend using acne products to rid your skin of acne! It will work for a while (most likely), but it will cause your skin to dry out and will stop working over time when your skin becomes immune to the products.

I definitely would recommend using products that retain moisture and give hydration to your skin! In the long run it will keep your skin soft and healthy! So why would I recommend moisturizing products to people with acne skin when moisturizing products don't fight acne? Well, if you bring moisture into your skin instead of using acne products that dry your skin out, your pores will not secrete excess oil to help with the dryness! If you don't have excess oil in your pores and instead have moisture locked into your skin, your chance of having pimples get lower! I can't say that you will not have acne completely (since there are other factors of why people have acne), but it will definitely help with your oil levels for oily skin and combination oily skin, hence most likely less acne.

I'm only talking from my experiences with acne products, so it might work different for other people. Before I had my breakout, I did use Proactiv, Clearasil, Clean and Clear and products for acne. The one I saw the best results with was Proactiv! I fell in love since it really helped me clear up my acne! In the beginning I only used their 3 steps and after about 2 weeks, my skin would burn when I applied anything on my skin. I quickly bought their moisturizer and it definitely helped with the dryness. I didn't have much acne for about 1 year! After that, my skin had the major breakout ! I continued to use Proactiv and it did not clear up! Instead it made my skin shed and made my face really red and inflamed. My skin was so dry and flaky even my eyebrows were shedding skin! It was horrible! It not only did not help my acne, it made it worse! It caused my skin to burn and hurt more than it should. I quickly stopped using it and started to do facials and use moisturizing products! My acne got much better within a few months time! Even today I still use moisturizing products that hydrate my skin and keep my skin less oily! It has much longer lasting results than acne products and it keeps your skin soft and hydrated! I definitely have a lot less pimples than before! I definitely recommend not using any acne products and keep using products that hydrate the skin and lock the moisture within, like a gel moisturizer!
                                            My current gel moisturizer :)

If you must use an acne product, I suggest using spot treatment type! Only on pimples that appear and not on the surrounding skin also. It will dry up the acne only and not the good skin around it :)!

I wanted to show a picture of me when I was in the process of healing from the big breakout! I'll make a separate post about my breakout with pictures from it, but for now I'll show this picture to let you see how my face looked when it was starting to heal.
The only part of my face that was okay was around my nose area and inner cheek! Everywhere else was filled with acne. This was already after 2 months of doing facials (about 8 facials) and when I was already using moisturizing products for my skin. Doesn't look too bad here :)! I'm sorry for my facial expression! I'm known for not taking much normal smiling pictures ><! I'll share my post about my acne breakout soon! I hope this post helps with people who are using products for acne that do not see long lasting results and suffer from dryness due to it! I hope you can at least try moisturizing products to see if it will work better! Just make sure its gel type if you have combination to oily skin! Since using a cream one might be too heavy for oily skin types! Okay, I'll write next time! See ya!

Friday, February 17, 2012

My Updated Skin Care Routine - February 2012

Hello there! I am going to share the long belated post of my updated skincare products! Back in October last year, I made a post about the newly purchased Laneige products I got! At that time, I just started using them, so I didn't want to jump the gun and start reviewing! But I've used it for about 4 months or so now and I'm ready to review and share my experience! Let's get started!

First off, my cleanser! It has not changed actually! I am still using the Atom美 (Atomy) Foaming Cleanser! It really is a great cleanser and so far my favorite and most gentle! I actually did switch my cleanser in November, but I decided to go back to the Atom美 one since it definitely washes better and still does not strip all the moisture from my face! What I do use with it daily is a facial cleansing brush! It's a small little jelly pad that has small little hairs/bumps for gentle exfoliation. I have two and one does a better job at exfoliating dead skin cells and the other one is more gentle :)!
                                                    The two facial cleansing brush I use daily.
This one (blue) is the one I use every day. It has little bumps that are used to exfoliate my skin. I prefer this one because it really does cleanse off my dead skin cells better and it leave my skin much smoother! It is still very gentle and does not hurt my skin in any way. It's very easy to clean because of the material its made out of. It's much more gentle than an actual exfoliating brush. When I used my Origins exfoliating brush, it pokes and hurts my face (not too much though) and doesn't do as good of a job as this. Definitely one of the reason I love cleansing my face every morning and night!
This one I use when my skin doesn't feel too well and its very very gentle. The little hairs are so soft that I love touching it!! I'm happy that this one is more gentle so I can use this one on certain days and the other one when I need more help with exfoliation! They are very handy and very worth the price! I got them for $1.50 at Japantown! :)! What a deal!

So after I use these babies to cleanse my skin with my foaming cleanser from Atom美, I usually rinse with cold water. I only use warm water when I am about to use a clay mask. After I finish up rinsing, I use my facial flannel from The Body Shop and pat dry. It's very gentle on my skin :)! I don't like using towels because it irritates my face if I don't pat gently enough.  After cleansing, I use my toner!

This is my Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner- Light! It's already half done, but I took this picture when I first purchased it, so it looks like I never used it! So, I pour some of this on my very thin cotton swipe! I don't like using thick cotton swipes or rounds that absorb too much of my product! So I use a very thin one and swipe it all over my face and after pat it on my skin so it absorbs better! This definitely brings a very nice refreshing feel to my skin! I think toner is my favorite part of my skincare routine! It just feels very nice to have toner touch my skin and allow my skin to drink it up :)! After I finish swiping and patting the cotton swipe filled with toner on my skin, I take a look at it and see if there is any dirty residue on the swipe! Usually, there is none! My cleanser does its job well and the facial cleansing brush definitely helps! I'm very very happy when I see that there is no brown or yellow residue on my cotton swipe that I got from my skin! Right after toner, I quickly apply my essence and moisturizer!
This is the essence I use! It's the Laneige Water Bank Essence :)! It's the new and improved one that locks in moisture for 24 hours instead of the old one that did for 12 hours! This product leaves my skin soft and smooth! It moisturizes my skin very well! This is my first time incorporating an essence in my daily skincare routine! And I definitely don't regret it! This essence fights roughness in my skin and smooths it out! I love it! After I use my toner, I quickly apply this so it will absorb better if my toner is still slightly damp on my skin. I rub it in on my skin in an outward circular motion and once I smooth it all in, I cover my face with my palms for a few seconds to allow it to absorb. It locks in moisture better than if I was just using a moisturizer! Even though this essence is very hydrating, it cannot be the last step of skincare! Essences were not made to be the last step of skincare, so you must use a moisturizer afterwards!

My moisturizer is the Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream :)! It also is the new and improved one from Laneige! I mentioned in my previous posts before that I only use gel moisturizers! My skin is too oily to have a heavy cream on it ><! Creams normally make my skin very oily and shiny looking, so I avoid using cream moisturizers for that reason. Gel moisturizers are water based and not oil based like cream ones, so its much better for me to use since it absorbs into my skin without the greasy feel. I really like this moisturizer since my skin absorbs it really well and it leaves my skin softer and smoother. It definitely hydrates my skin well in the winter or in the summer! This would be my year round moisturizer :)! This product comes with a spatula so you don't have to dig into the product with your fingers (gross!)! So after applying my essence, I grab a small amount of this moisturizer with the spatula and use my fingers to spread it into my skin in an outward circular motion. Afterwards I'm done with my skincare :)! Well, except for eye serum!

I do use an eye serum for dark circles, but since I don't see much of an improvement from using the product, I won't share it as my daily skincare routine. But I'll share the name of it. It's the Skin Peptoxyl Intelligent Dark Circles Eraser. It didn't do much for my dark circles, so I won't share it here. I might review it later though. I recently made a purchase of the new Laneige White Plus Renew eye treatments for day and night and I also got their new Water Bank Eye Gel. I have to test those out before I put them in my daily skincare routine post xD! So you might be seeing an updated post soon!

This is a real long post, but I definitely want to share some products I use also throughout my skincare routine! I just don't use this on a daily basis or just not during the daytime!

This is the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil! I use this every night if I use BB Cream :)! I really love this cleansing oil because it is mainly made from olive oil  and it cleanses very deep into the skin! You must use a deep cleansing oil at night time if you use sunscreen, BB cream or foundation/concealer on your skin in the daytime. The reason is your regular cleansers do not clean off sunscreen or makeup well (unless they specify they do), so if you do not want sunscreen and makeup to linger on your skin for a long long time and affect your skin's health, then you must use a deep cleansing oil! This is definitely a very important step! You use deep cleansing oil before using your regular facial cleanser, since it will wash away all the makeup and sunscreen on your face and by the time you use your facial cleanser, you will be cleansing the impurities in your skin and not the makeup or sunscreen. I just pump some product on my hands and I apply it everywhere on my face and start gently rubbing my face in a circular motion. After about 1-2 minutes, I rinse it off or I wipe it off with a cotton swipe. Then I apply my facial cleanser and do my skincare routine like I normally would. This will definitely help your skin be in a healthier condition and your skin will be cleansed well.

This is my Missha Super Aqua Oxygen Micro Essence Peeling product! This is a peeling gel that incorporated an oxygen mask function too! I love this so much! I use it twice a week and it exfoliates my dead skin cells away to let the new skin appear! It allows my moisturizer and masks to penetrate the new skin and allow it to absorb better! I don't use this more than 2 times a week since it will thin out your skin if you use it too often! I normally use this at night time after using my facial cleanser. I pat my skin dry with my facial flannel and spread this product all over my face. I leave it for about a minute and the gel will start foaming up all over your face. It turns into an oxygen mask and the product starts to bubble up. It's pretty cool! The oxygen mask cleans deep within the skin and clears out any impurities in my pores. After a few minutes when it stops to bubble and almost all the foam  is gone, I start gently rubbing with my fingers in circular motions around my face and all the dead skin cells fall out. It's quite nasty to feel them, but after I rub for about a minute, I rinse my face. Afterwards, my skin is very soft and smooth! Then I continue with my skincare routine :)!

I use masks at night time to keep my skin healthy, clear and bright! I'm going to list some masks I use:

About 5 nights a week I use a sheet mask. I usually use the My Beauty Diary ones since those are my favorite! It brings moisture into my skin and it keeps my skin moisturized, smooth and bright! My favorite ones are the Pearl Powder, Aloe, Sake Yeast, Royal Jelly and Apple Polyphenol masks! I do use the other ones once in a while, but I mainly use those! (I have not tried all of the mask from MBD yet, but I have tried most of them.)

About 2 nights a week I will use a clay mask! It draws out the impurities from my pores like a magnet and leaves my skin clearer and brighter! The ones I have been using is the Laneige Pore Clear Wash Off Pack, Naruko Tea Tree Oil Acne Clay Cleanser (can be used as a clay mask), Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask and a sample size of the Elisha Coy Herb Clay Pore Refining Mask. Clay masks are quite drying to the skin, so make sure you don't use it too long and remember to moisturize afterwards!!

About 3 nights a week I use sleeping packs or a night jelly! It repairs and moisturizes my skin as I sleep so I wake up to a soft and smooth face that is brighter and clearer! The ones I use are Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX, Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Night Gelly and the Cosline Tomato Fresh Pack. These 3 have different functions to the skin, but they really moisturize my skin well and allow me to not wake up to a tired face! They are great especially for busy people who cannot do masks often :)!

About 1-2 nights a week I use an eye mask! You must take care of your eye area too! Can't neglect that part of your face xD! I am using the BeautyMate Bright Up Nano Eye Mask, My Beauty Diary Vitamin C Eye Mask and the Sam Tin Firming and Whitening Eye Mask. These are all okay eye masks! They hydrate the eye area very well, but I have not seen much results in dark circle improvement! But I use them anyway to nourish the skin around my eye and to relax my tired eyes!

So this is my skincare routine that I use! My skin is quite problematic if I don't take good care of it! It's improved since I found out what suits my skin the best! I hope this helps with any skincare questions on what products I use! I'll definitely put reviews out on all the products I've mentioned here, so you will know why I really like it and what I don't like about it. Until next time! Take care :)!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Facials For Skincare! (ACNE)

I haven't posted in a while! Been pretty busy with things! Sorry! But, today I will be writing a post on FACIALS!
What is a facial?! There is different type of facials out there that are performed normally at beauty salons and spa places. Facials is a procedure of skin treatments that are done to the skin to make it healthier and cleaner :)! Most facials include cleansing the skin, exfoliating, extraction, high frequency circulation, facial massage and a mask. There are different kind of facials that help with different skin problems. But the main type of facial I want to talk about today is an acne facial :)!

Not many people my age know what facials do for our skin in the long run! Many people just think of it as a spa treatment for the skin that should be done only once in a while. Truthfully, facials are very relaxing for the skin and they are very important for keeping our skin young and healthy! The reason is, facials can help us clean deeper into our skin and clear out the impurities that we normally cannot reach. The equipment that is used for professional facials are very different from what normal people can buy and get access to. The most important is the facial massage (for regular facials)! The reason why the facial massage is very crucial during a facial treatment is it helps blood circulation improve and it prevents wrinkles on the face, which keeps the skin young and healthy. If your skin is healthy, it will have a healthy glow even if you don't have any products on your face!

So for me, I get acne facials and I get it done at my aunt's place. She has her own beauty salon place in San Francisco and she helped me so much with my skin! When I had my huge breakout about 2 years ago, my aunt saw my face and told me that she can help me with facials! I was very hesitant to decide, since when I was in high school, one of my friends went to get an acne facial and he turned up with all these dark red spots on his face! It looked like birth marks! I was afraid that it would happen to me, so it made me very very hesitant. My aunt explained to me what she would do and she promised me that I won't have those dark red spots on my face afterwards. I finally agreed and I'm so glad I trusted her and went through with it! My face was filled with big cystic pimples at that time, even though it had gotten a lot better already, it was still very very bad! So my aunt had me lay down on this bed and started to use a machine that shot out steam towards my face. I USED TO HATE THAT THING! But my aunt told me that I must use it to open up my pores xD! So the cleansing and exfoliating started! I was thinking to myself that it wasn't bad and it did not hurt at all! But what I didn't know was the extracting part did not happen yet haha! So when she started extracting my pimples, I was in so much pain! She spent almost an hour extracting all the pimples on my face since there was SO MANY OF THEM! It was so painful I teared up a few times! When the extraction was over, my aunt poked my pimples and asked me if they hurt as much and surprisingly it really didn't! Apparently, when my aunt extracted all the puss, blood and pimple head out, the pimple flattens and it doesn't hurt anymore. Afterwards, she used the high frequency circulation machine on me and it was a weird feeling. The part that touches my face looked like a spoon and it had ultraviolet light going through it. When it touches my face, I feel this tingly feeling. When the spoon moves around the extracted surface of my skin, it kind of feels like a pokey electricity feeling. I know that sounds super scary, but it doesn't hurt! Just feels kind of funny haha. The high frequency circulation machine helps to heal the pimple up since it was extracted and keep it from leaving a scar. Next was my facial mask. My aunt uses Chinese herbal medicine to form a mask catering to the skin type of her client. I love it! After using her mask, it made my skin brighter and a lot less red! The mask had a minty feeling and it really cooled my skin down! She helps me apply other products and I'm ready to go! That is pretty much how my first few rounds of facials went! Each time with almost 1 hour of extraction!

Some of you might be wondering, why I didn't mention the facial massage in my facial experience. I did say before that having a facial massage is crucial in a facial and one of the most important factors of having one. But for me, since I have constant acne breakouts, my aunt told me that in her experience, giving the client with erupted acne skin a facial massage will only cause them to breakout more. She definitely does not want me to breakout more, so she told me to wait until I am only left with acne scars to have a facial massage. I've seen my cousin and some friends get facial massages from her and they all love it very much. Some of them fell asleep during it! So lucky! I can't wait until it is my turn!!

I would have to say that the acne facial really helped my skin heal and improve much faster! It tripled my healing rate! I had the huge breakout 2 years ago near the end of February and it was so bad I could not touch my face without feeling pain. I went to get a facial about 3 months after (in May) when my skin already healed about 15-20%. It was still really red because my skin was inflamed with dryness and oiliness and all the acne cysts on my face! I went to get my facial once a week for about 3-4 months straight. By June, which was only 1 month after the facials, my face was not very red anymore. You could actually see my regular skin tone and it was only red on the pimple parts. Afterwards, I did not have much pimples erupt, it was some breakouts here and there, but I'm sure those had to do with my bad eating habits. I still am trying to keep up with my facials, but I sometimes don't get to go very often. My skin has healed at least 90% now. I'm mainly left with acne scars at the moment. I'm very grateful for my facials since it really did heal my skin a lot faster. I will definitely post up pictures of myself when I first had my breakouts and when my skin started healing! I would definitely recommend people with acne skin to find a good place and get their facials done regularly! It will really help heal the skin faster than what we can do on our own. But remember!!!!! DO NOT EXTRACT PIMPLES ON YOUR OWN! IT WILL LEAVE SCARS THAT WILL TAKE VERY LONG TO GO AWAY!! ALWAYS LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS WITH THE PROPER EQUIPMENT!

I hope this helped! I might write another post today! But I will definitely keep writing in this blog :)! See ya!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review: Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

I wanted to review this drug store mask because it is raved about by many YouTube gurus! I bought this mask at Walgreens for under $5! One of the cheapest masks I have ever purchased :)! This is a clay mask and what it does is draw out impurities from our pores when it dries! It acts like a magnet for dirty things clogging our pores! Clay masks work great for oily to combination skin people, but dry skin and normal skin might find certain clay masks too drying for them. This clay mask says that once applied, it will help dry up pimples, remove blackheads and tighten enlarged pores. It even says that if you do have good skin without these problems, it will still help relax the skin and ease tension of muscles. So, let's get started on this review!

What I Like About This Mask: I love the minty feeling this mask gives me. Once I apply it, it feels minty cool and my skin feels refreshed! It is easy to spread all over my face, which is great! The amount of product for the price you pay is just amazing! I own other clay masks and it definitely cannot beat the price and the size you get for this! This mask dries up very fast, so time wise it is very convenient for people who are lazy and do not have enough time for skincare and masks! Once I wash the mask off, I feel that my skin is a lot smoother than it was before. I do not have many blackheads, so I'm not sure if it has done anything for it xD! It helps me a bit with my pimples, which is a good thing. The first few times I used it, I had a few pimples on my face and I remember when I had 2 big pimples on my cheeks when I used this the second time and after going to sleep that night, I woke up with the pimples appearing smaller. That is great! This isn't a magic mask that makes my pimples go away overnight, but it did help with clearing them up faster! My favorite thing about this mask is still definitely the minty cool feeling it gives me once I put it on! I have not tried any other mask that does that and I definitely love it because it calms down my pimples a bit once I apply it!

What I Do Not Like About This Mask: As I mentioned at first, this mask may be too drying for those with normal to dry skin! I would have to say it may be a bit drying for me also, and I have oily skin! This mask dries within a few minutes of application and afterwards my face feels so tight I cannot move it xD! I cannot use this mask for more than 15 minutes because it will start cracking and my skin will feel very dry afterwards! Even if I only use it for 10-15 minutes, once I wash it off, my skin will still feel very dry! After I apply my moisturizer, it will still feel dry! I do not like that feeling mainly because I know my skin will secrete more oil to compensate for the dryness in my skin! This mask is definitely drying even for oily skin, so I would recommend to not leave it on for too long! As for the results this mask gives me, I would say that it does not help me as much with my pimples as other masks do! It helps a bit, but I wish it would help more since that is what is says on the tube ;D! So what I mainly do not like about this mask is that it is quite drying and that it only helps me a bit with my pimples!

Those are the reasons why I like and don't like this mask! I kind of found a solution to make the dryness go away after I use this! Since I do like the feeling this mask gives me, I try to still use it, but after I wash it off, I need to apply a moisturizing mask right after! My daily moisturizer is a very good one, but since the mask makes me super dry, it still leaves my skin feeling a bit tight afterward I apply my moisturizer. Once I apply a moisturizing mask (usually a jar mask) and leave it on for about 15-20 minutes, I wash it off and my skin feels great! So for this mask, I must pair it up with a moisturizing mask in order to have the affects of the clay mask and also keep my skin moisturized :)! It works so much better when it is paired up! I have no complaints if I pair it up since I would not feel dryness whatsoever afterwards :)! I would recommend this mask since it is very inexpensive and definitely worth a try! But if you are afraid of it being too dry, then try pairing it up with a moisturizing mask right after! It totally works! Hope this review and tip helps :)!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Do It Yourself: White Pearl Powder Sleeping Mask

This DIY mask only requires ONE thing and nothing else :)! It's really easy and a great sleeping mask to try :)! White pearl powder sounds expensive, doesn't it? Well, pearls are definitely expensive as jewelry, but the pearl powder sold in Chinese herbal shops are quiet inexpensive! Pearl powder has been used in China for thousands of years already, and it is used for health and to achieve beautiful white skin! So let me tell you what pearl powder does for our skin when applied topically:

How Pearl Powder Works On Our Skin When Applied:    Pearl powder can be used to improve aging and wrinkles! It can also whiten our skin and improve our skin tone. If you have acne or acne scars, the pearl powder will help fight it quite well! Using this will allow your skin to have a more healthy and youthful appearance! Pearl powder can speed the natural metabolism of our skin to rejuvenate and tone our complexion, heal redness, help enlarged pores and heal blemishes and acne scars!

Now that we know what pearl powder does for our skin, let me tell you how I use it!

First, I wash my face with cleanser and make sure it is clean! I make sure I pat my face dry after I finish rinsing. I then take the little container of pearl powder and dump it into one of my palms, but MAKE SURE YOUR PALM AND FINGERS ARE DRY &CLEAN!!! I dip my fingers from my other hand into the pearl powder that is in my palm, then I start spreading it on my face. I make sure I put an even coat and that it covers my whole face (except for the eye and mouth area). You do not need to mix anything into the pearl powder for this mask, just make sure that your hands are dry. While you are applying the powder onto your face, it might get kind of messy because the powder might fly onto your shirt! Don't worry, it does not stain, so just brush it off :)! After you are finished applying it onto your face, you can get into bed and start sleeping! You will wake up with improved skin :)!

Since many people want to put on their daily skincare products on their skin before they sleep, they may not want to use method 1. Method 2 allows you to use your daily skincare products before you apply on this sleeping mask!
So start with washing your face with cleanser first! Making sure your face is clean before doing anything is most important. Then follow your daily skincare routine after you cleanse your face: tone, moisturize and eye cream. I would recommend applying the pearl powder on your face right before sleeping, so if you do your daily skin routine right when you get home at night, then wait until you are about to sleep to apply the powder on your face! If you do the routine right before sleeping, then after you use moisturizer, don't apply the pearl powder on right after. Wait about 15 minutes to put it on. The reason to wait for 15 minutes is to allow the moisturizer to set into your skin and to allow the application of the pearl powder to be smoother :)! After you apply it, just sleep :)!

So those are the two methods I usually use to put the pearl powder on my face. The reason this is a sleeping mask and not a regular wash off mask is to have the abilities of pearl powder to work on our skin as we sleep! You may be worried that your bedsheets and blankets will be filled with white powder and everything, but WORRY NOT! After the pearl powder is on your face, it will not come off that easily. When I sleep with this mask on, I do not wake up to find any powdery residue on my sheets. The pearl powder has been absorbed into my skin while I was sleeping! When you wake up in the morning, you will barely see any of it left over! Now, let me tell you more about my experience with it:

What This Mask Has Done For Me: I first started using this mask about a year and a half ago, which was 6 months into my horrible acne breakout! I used it and it helped me TREMENDOUSLY!! My face was so red and inflamed from all the acne and huge cysts on my face! The only part of my face that was not red and free of acne was my nose! I was recommended to use pearl powder on my face by my mom's friend that is a Chinese doctor and she told me it will help me with my acne! I gave this a try and after ONE night...I saw my skin improve! My skin was less red and my pimples seemed to have calmed down a bit! It also helped my skin secrete less oil and stopped my face from breaking out so much. This is no magic powder or anything, but this definitely helped me see improvements in my skin more and more each day! I used it continuously for about a month and my skin was not red on places I did not have pimples, many of my scars were lightened and I did not have as much breakouts as before! I stopped using it because I ran out and I found skincare products that worked for me, so I forgot about this! But recently I remembered and I bought more and I can definitely say that this is one of the best things I've tried on my face that gave me an instant result! You don't even have acne to put this on and see an improvement on your skin! I am so grateful for this pearl powder because it helped me at my hardest time when I could not find anything to help my severe acne breakout! I LOVE THIS! If you have severe acne or acne prone skin, you need to try this :)!

A Few More Tips:
-I usually buy the pearl powder that comes in little bottle containers because the amount in the container is enough for my whole face! Chinese herb shops do sell pearl powder in big bags, but I would prefer not to use those because I would not know how much to take out of the bag.
-I do not mix anything in this pearl powder mask because I think having just the pearl powder is enough to achieve better skin when I wake up the next morning and days after :)! But if you'd like to mix pearl powder with something, you can mix it with egg yolk, egg whites, vitamin e oil, water or many other things that are good for the skin! But if you mix things into it, you should probably not use it as a sleeping mask, but as a regular mask that you can wash off.
-Pearl powder is edible, but I would prefer not to eat it even though it is very good for health, since I think applying it on my skin would give me a better result :)!

That is all for this post! I hope those that try out this sleeping mask will achieve better skin in the long run! I've shared this mask to one of my friends and she LOVES IT! She told me she used it once and saw great results when she woke up in the morning! She loves it more than sheet masks that say they will do the same for the skin that pearl powder does! So definitely worth a try if you want healthy and beautiful skin!! Hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Review: Missha M Watery BB Cream SPF 27 PA++

I'm reviewing the Missha Watery BB cream today! I purchased this BB cream about 6 months ago! I've tried it for about a month, so I decided to write this review now! I didn't want to keep trying it because I wasn't that satisfied with it. It has a very nice squeeze tube and I really like the packaging, but the BB cream inside is not as great as I expected it to be! There were great reviews for this, but this is my least favorite BB cream out of all the ones I've tried (all the ones I've tried are all great!)! It isn't really bad, but I would only prefer to wear it if I am not out for too long and I wanted to have some coverage on my face! Here is why I like it and don't like it:

Why I DO Like It: When I apply this BB cream, it is very easy to blend on my face! It definitely feels like water! It is the one BB cream that I love blending on my face! After I blend it and leave it for a few minutes, it has a matte finish :)! The color matches me! The shade is a bit darker than my regular BB creams, but it still looks great! The BB cream is very light and it does not cause my skin to breakout or become too oily :)! It has pretty good coverage, at least enough for me :)! This BB cream probably has less coverage than other BB creams, but it is still pretty good! It has SPF 27, which is good for every day use! It also has pretty good protection of UVA rays from the PA++ written on the tube. Last thing is the fragrance, which smells really nice and does not irritate my skin :)!

Why I DON'T Like It: A few times when I used this BB cream, it was a hot day and right after I put it on, about 10 minutes later I was kind of sweaty! After that I looked in the mirror and there were white-ish parts on my face! I found out it was my BB cream! I had to quickly blend it back and it was normal! If I did not check the mirror, then I would have been walking around with weird uneven BB cream spots on my face! This was the only BB cream this ever happened to! This one time when I had the BB cream on, my friend splashed some water on my face and where the water hit my face, the BB cream kind of turned white also! I quickly blended it back and it was okay. When I use this BB cream I have to be very cautious to check the mirror if I sweat and to make sure water does not hit my face! Another reason why I don't like it is, right now when I try to use it...there is white stuff that comes out of the tube also! The white stuff is actually like water and I think that is the stuff that makes the BB cream more watery than other ones! I don't understand why the white stuff has separated from the actual BB cream! It was not like this in the beginning, but for some reason it comes out separately now! I checked if it has expired and it has not! Not even 1 year after the factory date put on the tube! This was the weirdest thing to me!

So I've written what I do like about this BB cream and what I don't like! I would have to say I would recommend this BB cream to those who are looking for a very moisturizing one that feels like water and blends very well! But I would have to say be careful when you sweat on hot days! So far this BB cream is okay, not too bad! So I would still recommend it! The consistency makes this BB cream worth a try!!

I wanted to share some pictures!
                                        This is my hand before I put the BB cream swatch on!
                                            This is what it looks like after I get it out of the tube!
This is the product when it is spread out! The white stuff is what I was talking about at first! It is the white liquid that feels like water! For some reason it appears when I spread it out now! -_-"!

This is how it looks after being spread evenly on my hand! It was really easy to spread! And NO MORE WHITE LIQUID after you spread it out evenly onto your skin!
After I took the picture of the BB cream spread out evenly, I decided to sprinkle some water on it a few minutes later! After sprinkling it with water, the water streaks showed up! This is what my skin looks like after I sweat a bit or get water on it! Makes my face look so weird!!

This is a good BB cream, but be careful when you use it :)! I hope none of the bad stuff happens to anyone else! Anyway, time to stop writing :)! Hope this review was helpful!